Joanna Gemma Auguri

As she could not carry the weight of a church organ, it was to be the fate of Singer/Songwriter Joanna Gemma Auguri that she would instead pick up the accordion—an instrument that would become the tool to translate her mysterious interpretations to the genre Dark Folk, and tie in nicely with her Slavic heritage. She does not only use it the classical way but runs it through electronic devices and breaks habits in her own way.

you are being whispered to by a masterful singer-songwriter whose dreamy and honest lyrical depictions shine much light into the darkness of her music.

This deep and timeless folk, woven together in a place that could resemble the depths of the
sea or in the fading light of a secret room you dreamt about once, is brought together at times with
soft electronica that does anything but get in the way of her un-earthly voice atop an accordion which
sounds like it’s born of her blood - a nostalgic and analogue essence that clearly makes her music what it is.

„Eine Musik über fragile Emotionen und Zwischenmenschlichkeiten, wie dunkle Gewässer und Nebel in der Nacht.
Joannas faszinierende Stimme und der tragende Soundtrack erzeugen einen unwiderstehlichen Sog sich einer anderen Welt hin zu geben."

Joannas Album "green water" erscheint am 24.2.2016

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